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Shining-Mind is founded by Chantalia, The author of “500 ways to love me - how to love yourself”. The book had reached the top 10 of Amazon - inner child category, inspiring hundreds of individuals, to have fun innovative & therapeutic ways to love themselves. 

After her music studies in L.A. United States, she began her career as a musician, songwriter & producer. In recent years, she begins to write meditative music for Shining-mind as well as Sanskrit chants which have reached 200,000 listeners on Spotify. 

Spiritually she is very intuitive, deep, and knowledgeable. Coming from a dysfunctional family and a difficult childhood, she went through a long healing journey. Her strengths carry her to seek her way out. She is knowledgeable in different healing modalities, psychological methods, and therapeutic approaches. This gives Shining-mind a solid foundation for the healing courses, coaching sessions and meditations. 

Chantalia has a special connection with Chaldean Numerology which is an ancient numerology system from Maya. There are not many people who use it in this modern world. However, it is a very accurate system to find out your life purpose and soul journey. She has an innate understanding of the system, and their names' effect on life journeys. She has worked with clients all over the globe. 

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